With GoNitely renting out your
second home is a breeze.

Team composition:

  • 2 Backend engineers
  • Front-end engineer
  • Devops
  • UI/UX designer
  • PM
  • QA


9 month

System structure:

  • Data Parsing Engine (NLP)
  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • AWS cloud server




GoNitely mission is to make buying and managing a property for short-term-rentals easy and seamless. A California based startup wants to connect all rental platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, Homeaway and TripAdvisor at one place. Building up a new platform is always an easy option instead of gathering all at one place. The real challenge was to publish porperty at all platforms at once and also keep the data in central database.

Client wanted to have a mobile application, web application and also a dashboard where he can see all the monthly stats with multiple filters. The client granted us quite a lot of freedom not only in technological decisions but also in the overall project approach and management.


solution traveling

We started this project by building a backend architecture where we build REST APIs and also a parsing engine. This backend application connected us with all other platforms like Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Booking.com. We stored all data in secure db because all data was related to payments and customers communication.

In 2nd phase we start a web application, mobile application and a dashboard. We built user friendly application because users of this application were not from tech background. Main feature of application were user chat, user payment, calendar view and monthly reports.

Technologies That Will Move You to The Top

Our Technologies

React Native




Elk stack


The key system features:

  • User friendly web and mobile application to view bookings.
  • Complete report of earning.
  • Automated welcome email and notifications to guests. 
  • POSA dashboard where admin can see all kind of reports related to properties and can also communicate with property managers.
  • Data parsing engine use NLP


We started with very thorough and careful business analysis in order to get a detailed understanding of all the operations in the customer’s venues. We also talked to local property managers to better understand business domain. This allowed us to build a very accurate flow of the application that did not only eliminate the extra load on the property managers but also unleashed quite a number of resources which had a serious impact on the overall business.

The system comprises React application for mobile and Android, Web interface for system management and system backend, and is integrated with payment gateway. We used the Node.js framework for building backend application where we have to get data from rental property data providers and have to parse the data from websites .The usage of Node.js standard mechanisms helped us to save a lot of resources so we could better focus on the mobile  and web user interface.

In the process of listing of our properties on other platforms like Airbnb, Homeaway, etc. The real challenge was to keep the booking status of our propties same at once so that we never get duplicate bookings from multiple platforms. We use available platform APIs and also built automation engine which keep our booking status same on all platforms. We also built a cool dashboard using React where admin can view data in tabular and graphs. This dashboard gives admin complete access of data and whole product.