Laundry Care, more free

Team composition:

  • 4 Backend Engineers
  • 2 Frontend Engineer
  • Quality Assurance
  • UX/UI



2 Years

System structure:

  • React Web Application 
  • Serverless Architecture
  • iOS + Android Application
  • Cloud Servers (AWS)



Laundry & Delivery


The client wanted to create a web and mobile application that can handle all laundry-related works including orders management, delivery, and billing. The system needed to be fully integrated with the client’s existing POS system in order to receive all the data related to orders. The goal was to make a user-friendly and easy-to-understand system that can increase productivity.

The client provided freedom not only in technological decisions but also in the overall project approach and management. There were two major goals for us to keep in mind: provide an opportunity for upselling, cut down the operating costs and, staff routine for the venue’s administration.

solution traveling

Our client required us to build a team that possesses hands-on experience in building web-application using serverless architecture. We began by providing mockups for the new look of the product. All teams worked hand-in-hand with ExpertsCloud leadership and the client management team to design and develop applications.

Our team developed Android, IOS and web applications by using cutting-edge tools and technologies. The mobile application provided the end-user an easy way to order laundry services and track the whole process with ease of payment. The important thing was to keep orders data organized that way clients can get all business reports.

Technologies That Will Move You to The Top

Our Technologies

React Native






The key system features:

  • Orders management and order tracking from POS.
  • User-friendly mobile application for ordering laundry services and tracking the delivery.
  • Customer support integration for resolving queries of customers.


We started with a very thorough and careful business analysis in order to get a detailed understanding of all the operations in the customer’s venues. We also interviewed current managers and analyzed the current applications and their usage by laundry service providers and users. This allowed us to build a very accurate flow of the application that did not only eliminate the extra load on the staff but also introduced a number of resources which had a serious impact on the overall laundry business management.

The system comprises of React Native app for ios and Android, Web interface for system management, and a system backend, integrated with payment gateway and POS system. For building a backed applications to manage data, we chose serverless architecture, it does not only helps us to save resources but also makes the whole application fast and easy to manage.

The most exciting thing about this project was, by coincidence, at that time our R&D department had been working on extracting values from the datasets that were very similar to those which the customer wanted to build on. Our mission was to make laundry hassle-free so that the customer doesn’t need to worry as long as we are taking care of their laundry. 

Our laundry service provider would be notified automatically when it’s time for customers’ laundry and we would also notify customers that it’s their laundry time.